Raffle Status

Some helpful hints to understanding raffle statuses:

  • The “Date” column displays the date you purchased tickets, not the week the tickets are for. We’re working on updating this!
  • Tickets with lower order numbers belong to earlier raffles and will have their statuses updated sooner than tickets with higher order numbers.
  • A status of “Entered” means your ticket was successfully purchased but that week’s raffle hasn’t been drawn yet. Stay tuned…
  • A status of “Drawn” means that week’s raffle was drawn and you were not a winner. Enter the raffle again to increase your odds of winning!
  • A status of “Winner” means your ticket was selected! Click the “View” button to see what prize you won.
  • Tickets with a status of “Processing” represent the ‘master’ order for a multi-week entry. This is not an actual ticket, and its status will change to “Drawn” automatically once all tickets associated with that purchase have been drawn.